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Passenger rights essay sample

Passenger rights

A lot of people travel by air but not all those people know what their rights are. You are clearly aware of the fact that sometimes luggage is lost and flights are delayed. Thus, you need to know what you are supposed to do in such a way as well as what the flight company might compensate.

Let’s start with refunds. Even if you have purchased a ticket under a non-refundable fare, it is possible to get some of the money back. Yet, the cancellation fee will not be refunded, obviously. When you have a confirmed reservation and have a ticket or a print-out, it presupposes that you are confirmed on that particular flight. Thus, no one can deny you the right to fly even when they have no information about that in their computers. You have a print-out to support your confirmation. However, it is important not to miss any reconfirmation deadlines as well as to arrive at the airport on time. There are lots of other minor details regarding the issue of passenger rights which is the reason why researching this issue might take a while. In case you want to familiarize yourself with more information, do not hesitate to proceed to …