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Peer pressure is good for self-development essay sample

Peer pressure is good for self-development

Perhaps, the first association a person has when they hear such notion as peer pressure is that it is definitely going to have a negative effect. Yet, there are lots of examples which prove that peer pressure can actually be beneficial.

To be more specific, it can be good for self-development. The thing is that the person is likely to be more motivated when they have competition, especially when that competition is doing better. Thus, the person is definitely going to do everything they can so that to improve their results.

Surely, a lot depends on character traits of an individual. What it means is that not everyone is motivated to work better when they are under a lot of pressure. Basically, these are the worst conditions possible for a lot of people.

However, the majority still continues to come up with better ideas and solutions when they are in stressful situations which contributes to the fact that peer pressure is clearly good for the development of the person. In order to find out more about the topic under consideration, feel free to visit …