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Political correctness essay sample


You are surely familiar with such term as political correctness. What is more, you are definitely aware of all those examples which are used in order to explain to someone what political correctness is.

The main idea of using politically correct language is not to offend anyone. To be more specific, it is really simple to offend a person when you are referring to their skin color ethnicity. Another example is when you are not sure which phrase to use or how to talk about someone’s disability. These are all intricate issues which is why the person should definitely think twice before saying something.

The main concern is that we may hurt someone’s feelings not even realizing what we have just said. For this reason, a lot of terms have been coined. They have introduced a better way of saying something or referring to someone. What is more, it has proven to be rather useful as well. If you are willing to find out more about the origin of political correctness, proceed to …