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Serial killers essay sample


The most important thing to understand when the issue in question is serial killers is the reason why they do it. What is more, it is also significant to know whether they realize that they are committing a crime or whether they feel bad after doing it.

The first thing to mention in this respect is that the majority of serial killers do not experience the feeling of guilt or remorse. That is the reason why they enjoy committing crimes, torturing as well as killing people. Apart from that, a lot of serial killers suffer from mental disorders. Some of them have a multiple personality disorder which presupposes that the dominant personality may not even realize what other personality is doing. The thing is that the dominant personality has no control over other personalities.

Here is the list of signs which indicate that such person is likely to become a serial killer (but not necessarily, though): cruelty towards animals; fantasies about holding total control; dysfunctional relationships, bed wetting after the toilet training period. Apart from that, victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse may become serial killers as well. Learn more here …