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Should plastic bags be banned? essay sample

Should plastic bags be banned?

Well, you are clearly aware of the fact plastic bags are considered to be quite dangerous for the environment as they are not that simple to recycle. However, there are several other aspects to take into consideration. To begin with, those plastic shopping bags which are made in the United States of America consist of natural gas. In addition, they are perfectly reusable and recyclable. For instance, it is possible to recycle them in the bins near the local store at which you usually do your shopping.

Another important aspect to mention regarding the subject under consideration is that 70%  less energy is required in order to produce a plastic bag rather than a paper bag. In addition, the same amount of plastic bags will be delivered with the help of one truck while it requires seven trucks to deliver the same amount of paper bags. The more you research the subject under consideration, the more useful information you are going to come across. Thus, it means that you will need to allocate a lot of time so that to gather all those necessary resources. Feel free to take a look at some materials here …