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Social anxiety essay sample


Unfortunately, a lot of people are suffering from social anxiety disorder. What it means is that they are afraid of meeting new people in public, talking to new encounters as well as of being in any kind of social situation. The reason why that happens is because of the fact that these people fear that they will be judged, criticized or closely watched by others.

Apart from the fear of being in different social situations, people who suffer from social anxiety are also afraid of eating and drinking in front of others; being the center of attention; working in front of others; going to parties; interacting with people; talking on the phone as well as giving reports in public.

Social anxiety disorder is quite often linked to other mental illnesses, such as: obsessive compulsive disorder, panic attacks and depression. What is also interesting to note is that people usually go to see the doctor when they have symptoms of other disorders. As a result, they learn that they have social anxiety disorder. Want to find out more? Go to …