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Social networking sites essay sample

Social networking sites

There are lots of different social networking sites nowadays and the majority of people is ta least on one of them. Perhaps, that is the reason why this issue has become quite controversial. To be more specific, there are people who are strictly against social networking sites and people who advocate their usage.

To be more specific, a lot of people are convinced that it is possible to get addicted to social networking sites. One is going to spend lots of their time there reading some articles or viewing other people’s profiles. It is really easy to become addicted to that. Thus, social networking sites are viewed as a very unproductive way of spending one’s time.

Yet, there is another aspect to take into consideration. The thing is that social networking sites can be used as a marketing instrument and it can be done in a very successful way. Interested in the issue in question? Well, do not forget that a lot of useful information regarding the topic of social networking sites can be found as soon as you go to …