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Social networks shouldn’t share users’ information with 3rd parties essay sample

Social networks shouldn't share users' information with 3rd parties

Surely, it is quite obvious why social networks should not share users’ information with third parties. They do not have the right to do it because it violates the privacy rights of a person. However, the law is still not quite clear about that aspect which is the reason why there are certain loopholes with the help of some social networks actually share users’ information.

To be more specific, social networks share that information with various companies which helps the latter to target their ads better. In such a way, the customer might see an ad based on their likes or something like that. This is just the basic idea of how this whole thing works. Clearly, there’s more to it and you will need to allocate some time so that to get a better understanding of this system. In case you are interested in this issue or are supposed to conduct a research, do not forget that you can always familiarize yourself with additional information on the subject as soon as you go to …