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Soil contamination essay sample

Soil contamination

There is no doubt that you are aware of such problem as soil contamination. It is time to take a closer look at the causes and effects which have led to it. Let’s begin with the causes of soil contamination.

The first one to mention is industrial activity which has unfortunately been the biggest contributor to the development of this problem. Mining has increased which presupposes that huge amounts of coal and iron are extracted. Yet, it is not done in a safely manner. The next aspect to mention is the increase of agricultural activity. To be more specific, the problem lies in the fact that nowadays a lot of farmers use pesticides and fertilizers which have a negative effect on soil structure. Lots of chemicals simply cannot be broken down by nature. It is impossible not to mention the problem of accidental oil spills when we are talking about soil contamination. When such oil spills occur, they deteriorate the soil which makes it unsuitable for cultivation. In case you are willing to familiarize yourself with facts and statistic data so that to learn more about the subject under consideration, keep in mind that lots of useful materials can be found here …