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Stress disorders essay sample

The first thing to mention regarding stress disorders is such issue as posttraumatic stress disorder. It happens to almost all those people who had to suffer from some physical and psychological trauma. It is actually quite normal for a person to suffer from a posttraumatic stress disorder. What it necessary to understand is that such person should get proper treatment. Otherwise, it may have some very negative consequences.

Another example of stress disorder is acute stress disorder. The first symptom of this disorder is severe anxiety and dissocial behavior. Such symptoms are usually developed when the person gets exposed to some traumatic event or even witnesses it. Those people who suffer from acute stress disorder tend to show a decrease in emotional responsiveness. As a result, it becomes more difficult for them to feel pleasure when doing those activities which they enjoyed doing before. In order to come up with a proper research regarding the issues of stress disorders, you will most definitely need to spend a lot of time as well as to familiarize yourself with lots of materials. In case you want to make it easier for you, do not hesitate to go to …