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Tablets vs. textbooks essay sample


We live in times of technological development which is the reason why it is not a secret that tablets are used very often in the educational process. In order to understand this issue better, one should consider pros and cons of both tablets and textbooks.

The first pro of a tablet is that it helps a student to have access to as well as to learn material faster. It is possible to store hundreds of textbooks on one tablet. You are only supposed to take this one device instead of a huge pile of books. What is more, electronic textbooks cost less than printed versions. Surely, a student has access to lots of technological features in an electronic textbook which are simply unavailable when the printed version is used.

However, tablets have cons as well. The thing is that constant tablet usage is linked to heath problems, especially eyesight problems. In addition, not every student has the opportunity to buy a tablet as they are quite expensive. In most cases internet connection is required in order to use a tablet and that is not always possible. If you want to look through other advantages and disadvantages of tablets, proceed to …