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Teens and self-image essay sample

Teens and self-image

The issue of self-image is very topical for teens as they are worried about the way they look as well was how they are perceived by their peers. The problem is that they are too obsessed with their looks.

To be more specific, they are convinced that it is important for them to look like people on the covers of magazines which is the reason why a lot of teens starve themselves so that to be as thin as those models. The thing is that constant anxiety about someone’s looks might lead to depression or any other mental problem.

That is the reason why it is so important to explain to teenagers that the person does not have to look like anyone else or be like anyone else so that to become happy, successful and popular. What matters is to be yourself. The faster they realize that, the higher their self-esteem is going to be. In case you are interested in the subject under consideration and would like to find out more, keep in mind that a lot of useful information can be found at …