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The impact of advertisements and commercials on modern art essay sample

Impact of advertisements on modern art essay sample Before the advent of digital advertising, the industry has already entered its Golden Age. Striving to make their advertising appealing, big companies wanted their ads to look like art. To keep up with the demand of the time, Andy Warhol started his career in advertising art in the late 1940s. Over the years. Warhol’s paintings became iconic pieces of pop art. He created ads for Glamour magazine, but many artworks remained in his personal portfolio until Warhol released it before his death. Warhols’ paintings pictured products of top Western companies, such as Apple, Chanel, Volkswagen, Paramount Pictures, and others. His ink-drawn illustrations looked very special as compared to black-and-white photographs. Warhol pioneered as an artist who bridged the chasm between art and commercials having recognized the growing cult of celebrities and branding.

Later in the 20th century, Saatchi brothers founded one of the leading advertising agencies of the time. The founders made fortune on advertising and started hosting exhibitions of the contemporary art at the Saatchi Gallery. Saatchi brothers believed advertising to be a form of art, however mundane and superficial it might seem. Warhol’s soup cans were nothing like Picasso’s or Modigliani works, but still, we consider them major artworks of the time. Watching some of the present-day ads, we also acknowledge them to be art. We save and share videos as they go viral, proving that there is not only a marketing but an aesthetic value in advertising. Being creative is still the way to go, and marketers stick to the content that contains more than just call to action.