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The impact of social media essay sample



Social media can be a good thing and a bad thing. A lot depends on the way you use this instrument as well. However, it is necessary to discuss the impact of social media on the society as well as to pay more attention to the negative aspects.

The first thing to mention is cyber-bullying. Probably, we all have witnessed it. People tend to engage in cyber-bullying eagerly because it is just another way to prove that they are the dominant ones. Cyber-bullying is extremely popular among teenagers and can have some very severe consequences for the victims of such kind of bullying.

Another aspect to mention is privacy. Surely, we do not think about it when we create a social media profile and make a lot of public posts. The thing is that everyone on the planet has access to some part of our lives as well as to what we are up to. The false sense of connection should also be mentioned when the issue in question is the impact of social media. It seems like communication has become easier due to the fact that we are able to chat with the person on another continent in real time. However, it actually makes us more distant. Read more about it here …