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The lost colony of Roanoke the theories to explain its disappearance essay sample

The story of Roanoke, the lost colony, still remains quite mystic and intriguing to many. The early European settlement in present-day Virginia, the village of Roanoke was one of the first English colonies on the American land. While other European settlements succeeded in agriculture and self-protection from the tribal Natives, Roanoke did not appear that lucky. People lacked food and tools, and they were scared by the prospect of being attacked by the Natives. One day the village governor went back to England to bring everything necessary for the colonists. When he came back three years later, the governor saw nothing but a ghost town, its inhabitants and their houses missing. Historians offer us several theories on what may have happened to the village of Roanoke. One of the most probable ones says that colonialists have simply left the village. They moved to the Chesapeake Bay where they were further killed by the Natives. The ruler of the Natives living in the Chesapeake Bay confirmed killing the English colonists who came there about that time. Another highly probable theory is that the Native Americans came to the village of Roanoke to kill the colonists. Previous attempts to start the colony at Roanoke ended up with this scenario. The Natives were capable of killing people and hiding their bodies. However, the theory does not explain where the houses vanished. Among more or less realistic theories, there is the one saying that the people of Roanoke left to live together with the Natives of the same island of Croatoan. Historians do not have much evidence to support this theory, neither they have facts to reject it.