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The term ‘gay marriage’ is discriminative and it should be banned essay sample

The term 'gay marriage' is discriminative and it should be banned essay sample

It is time to realize that marriage is truly a civil union of two people who love each other. That is the reason why, it seems strange that we still divide marriage into traditional and gay. It is not the point of marriage. What is more, the term ‘gay marriage’ even sounds discriminative. Basically, this term presupposes that gay marriage is somehow different from the traditional one since it has its own name.

Thus, it is time to the highlight the idea itself rather than the sexual orientation of people who are either married or are thinking of getting married. Apart from that, it is another way to make sure that the whole world is tolerant towards people who represent other sexual orientations. We should not view gay people as some different kind of people. They are the same but their sexual orientation differs which is quite all right.

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