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The Underground Railroad: what were the methods used? What was the impact? Essay sample

The Underground Railroad was a secret weapon of abolitionists. More than a means of transportation, the Railroad was the organization that helped fugitives in every possible way. It aimed to help more slaves escape to Canada where they would be no longer persecuted by the US law. Slave owners had the right to find their slaves and bring them back, therefore, abolitionists had to be especially careful moving slaves. Many black people tried to escape themselves, but it was much securer to use the service of fellow abolitionists. The Railroad did not imply any particular way out of the country. Abolitionists gradually moved slaves from one safe place to another on their way to Canada. White Americans often pretended to be masters of slaves to avoid being captured. Slave catchers and sheriffs actively looked for the fugitives. African Americans tried not to be caught in every possible way. One man even asked their friends to put him in a wooden box and mail him to the North. Many people worked on the Underground Railroad for the good of fellow Americans. Among them, white abolitionists, free African Americans, and people who have already escaped slavery themselves. Harriet Tubman known as slave ‘Moses’ was one of the most outstanding figures in the Underground Railroad. She was born a slave, but then she escaped and successfully freed her family. In the 1850s, Tubman helped about 300 slaves escape from the South.