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Unemployment essay sample


In most cases unemployment is viewed as something terrible because the person is out of work. Yet, there are lots of benefits for a person in a situation like that. To be more specific, unemployment can actually be a really great thing. The thing is that changing jobs is actually a great thing. In such a way, you will not be stuck in one place. What is more, you will try something new once in a while which is a really great thing.

Apart from that, a person may decide to change jobs due to medical reasons. The thing is that timetable in a particular company may not be working out for you which is why the decision to quit is going to be the right one. Another variant is the decision to quit because you need to take care of a family member. Surely, the most obvious reason is that you may simply get tired of your previous job and want to find a new one. Familiarize yourself with other reasons why people decide to quit at …