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What are 3 good hobbies or sports? essay sample

What are 3 good hobbies or sports? essay sample

Searching for a perfect leisure time activity, one shall always take into account their own preferences. Hobbies are as individual as the color of one’s eyes that is why we frequently do not necessarily share hobbies of our friends. Whether we are extroverts or introverts, there are a few free time activities that may captivate us.

Playing sports is essential for everyone, and there are enough sports for a person to choose. Take dancing for example. Folk, swing, hip hop, salsa, classic ballroom dancing and many more can be appealing both people irrespective of their age, gender, and marital status. Dancing can be a great exercise, competition, or means of relaxation, therefore many people would like it for some reasons.  Interestingly, both extroverts and introverts can feel comfortable when dancing. It is the entire new language of sharing emotions between partners.

Searching for more idea of having a quality leisure time, pay attention to a handmade. Researchers admit that people who can do some small things with their hands are better protected from dementia and other mental issues coming to the elderly. Embroidery, handcrafted furniture, sewing and knitting clothes can be both challenging and relaxing. Some people can create fascinating ships or build castles using everything at hand (such as matches) and amuse visitors with their extraordinary hobby.

Having enrolled in for sports, it is always worth to discover an artist in us. Performing arts are perfect for people who like to be in the spotlight, but many introverts like playing piano or guitar. Yet as small kids, we were fascinated by people who could make beautiful sounds out of an instrument. So why not learn this wonderful art ourselves?