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What are the benefits of gardening? essay sample

What are the benefits of gardening? essay sample

People living in calm suburban areas take a plenty of benefits from their neighborhoods. They can enjoy green rural scenery and inhale fresh air every day. Rural dwellers also can grow their own vegetables and at least partially supply themselves with products grown without chemicals. In fact, not all people enjoy gardening. Those who have little free time and a huge garden to take care of usually complain that they cannot devote much time to such an essential attribute as a garden. Nevertheless, many people genuinely like their garden and consider it the best relaxant they ever had.

The first benefit that comes with a lush garden is the yield people get in autumn. Cabbage, potato, onions, and roots can be well-preserved over the winter as well as green leaves and fresh fruits. It is not necessary to own an entire farm to eat from one’s own garden – a few vegetable paths can do quite well for a family of three or four people.

People who work in the garden know that it is a perfect exercise. Digging the soil, removing weeds, replacing old plants and bringing new ones is a good physical work that we lack sitting days and nights. Gardening does not require a coach, special uniform or even more extra time – we can perfectly work among plants after work or on weekends.

And after all, regular gardening boosts our spirits. Perhaps, people are determined by nature to enjoy green landscapes and beautify their life. Researchers say that even a half an hour of gardening reduces the level of cortisol, which makes us feel invigorated and full of energy.