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What was the impact of automobile on America’s economy and society? essay sample



The 1920s were marked by a significant growth of automobiles in American streets. 8 million drivers were registered in 1920, and this figure reached 23 million in the 1930s. It turns out that the technology for producing automobiles existed yet in the 19th century. However, the automobile industry was born only after Henry Ford put this technology on the assembly line and paid his workers as high as $5 a day. Furthermore, Ford expected that higher income would allow ordinary workers to buy a car. Eventually, Ford created a reliable and low-cost Model T – a perfect automobile for the masses.


The growth of automobile industry did not only bring more money into Ford’s pocket but also stimulated the growth of related industries. Building and operation of automobiles demanded such materials as steel, rubber, oil, gasoline, and glass. New workplaces appeared, and the industrialization moved on. Road construction involved even more employees and funds from local governments. It improved the infrastructure and solved the problem of unemployment in the US. With the development of the automobile industry, more motels emerged on the long-distance routes, and the roadside dinner of hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes formed the hallmark of traditional American cuisine.