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Witness protection program essay sample


The United States Federal Witness Protection Program exists in order to protect those witnesses who are threatened before, during and after trial. The thing is that being a witness usually poses a lot of danger on a person, especially when the case is very serious. Thus, this person needs to enter the witness protection program in order to feel safe. As soon as they are through with their testimony, such people are given new identities by the U. S. Marshals service. They are also relocated.

As you have already understood, the process is not that simple. Not every person is eligible to enter the witness protection program. The following aspects are taken into consideration before making the final decision: criminal record of a person; existing alternatives to witness protection program and testimony from other potential witnesses. As soon as the person has entered the witness protection program as well as provided their testimony, the task of the Marshals Service is to find a job for this person, provide help during the process of searching for housing, provide subsistence payments, provide identity documents as well as organize meetings with psychologists in case the person requires it. Read more at …