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Advertising essay sample


When you are dealing with such topic as advertising, you need to understand that one of your tasks in this respect is to dwell upon contemporary trends in this field.

Perhaps, one of the most popular trends in the recent year is native advertising. What it means is that the website features ads which are similar to the content of the website under consideration. In most cases the aim of native ads is both to entertain as well as to inform the target audience.

Mobile video advertising is becoming very popular these days as well. The thing is that more and more people tend to use their smart phones or tablets in order to perform all necessary actions. They do not only use them for social networks but also for ordering something online or buying tickets.

Another important aspect in advertising is to analyze the behavioral data of the user so that to be able to offer them ads which are really going to be useful or informative. In case you want to familiarize yourself with other trends in the area of advertising, feel free to go to …