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Intelligent design essay sample


Perhaps, the most important aspect regarding such issue as intelligent design is as follows: there are certain features of living things as well as the universe which can be best explained with the help of an intelligent cause rather than natural selection. The most common concepts in terms of intelligent design include: specified complexity, irreducible complexity, intelligent designer and fine-tuned Universe. It is not surprising that this notion is viewed as a pseudoscience by the scientific community. They claim that ID does not offer any testable hypotheses as well as has no empirical support.

As soon as you start searching for all necessary information regarding the subject of intelligent design, you will realize that the amount of materials is numerous. Thus, it is simply impossible to look them through in order to come up with a proper summary. What is more, you will also need to provide examples so that to support your findings. In case you require assistance wit that, feel free to take a closer look at all available information here …