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African American families? Essay sample

Using labor force is very characteristic for Southern states of the 19th century. The region had enough of fertile soil, and favorable climate turned it into the primary agricultural site in the United States. The lands were huge, and it was actually impossible for the landlords to do without slaves. Without a large number of cheap and unpaid laborers, it would be impossible to achieve such a huge economic growth America saw before the Civil War. It is hard to underestimate the economic impact of slavery on Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Their developing economies were entirely based on production and export of cotton as well as tobacco, rice, and indigo. Without this free workforce, the region would not stand up to rebellions and the opposition of North. After the declaration of the Thirteenth Amendment, the South was left behind the industrialized North. Since the times of Columbus, enslaved people were brought from Africa to the American continent. They did not have any rights or freedoms, nevertheless, there were some distinctions between slaves of different areas. Generally, enslaved people could not marry legally so that they entered into relations they personally considered as a marriage. Slaveowners provided some cabins where their slaves could live in nuclear families. City slaves lived a different life. These were domestic servants as well as all kinds of craftsmen. Compared to slaves in the plantations, city slaves were almost free citizens.