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What was the impact of Gold Rush on the development of California? Essay sample

Such a tremendous event as the discovery of gold in California could not come unnoticed in the US and the whole world. In the 19th century, Africa still was thought to be rich in gold. No one expected something that outstanding to be found in the region recently ceded by Mexico to the United States. It all started in 1848 with carpenter James Marshall who spotted something that looked like gold in the American River. Gold seekers from all over the country flew to California. Poorly populated area exhausted by war quickly became the industrial center of North America. Among other changes, the Gold Rush transformed California from a poorly populated area to the region populous enough to form a state. Sudden economic growth promoted many businesses. They produced machinery, equipment, and clothing for miners who created a tremendous demand. The discovery of gold lifted agriculture that was already favorable in California. There were a lot of people who required enough food. Not only domestic market benefited from the active industrial development, but also some foreign countries started their exports to America. Active industrialization caused the revolution in transportation. Bridges and roads were built faster than ever before. However, there is no revolution without losses. The Gold Rush caused violence against Native Americans who were exploited in the mines. Immigrants faced the hostility of the local people that thought foreigners came to steal their revenue. The Gold Rush had a considerable effect on the environment. Rivers were clogged with sediment, forests – cut for timber, water and soil quickly became polluted with the chemicals used in mining. Nevertheless, the administrative and transport development of California and all the industries based there was just stunning. What was the impact of slavery on the economy of the South? What were the effects on