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Alzheimer’s: ways of prevention essay sample

Alzheimer’s: ways of prevention essay sample

The prospect of Alzheimer’s frightens people as they age. It seems there is no hope for recovery as the cure for this progressive mental condition is yet undiscovered. Though we cannot control the key risk factors such as age and genetics, physicians argue that a brain-healthy lifestyle will help us to stay in a good mood and preserve a clear mind for a longer time.

A brain-healthy lifestyle refers to a few habits that improve our overall health in the first place. These are physical activity, diet, sufficient rest, and social engagement. They give a boost to our cardiovascular system and stimulate our heart to deliver more oxygen to all types of cells. Though the gene triggering Alzheimer’s is considered a major indicator of the disease, not all people who inherited the gene develop Alzheimer’s in the long run.

Exercise is always a determinative factor of one’s health, and a moderate physical activity is prescribed to cope practically with any disorder. In the case of Alzheimer’s, exercises do not only stimulate cellular metabolism but also helps to preserve old connections between brain cells. Three hours of exercise per week will do well even for aged people, not even to mention the younger society.

A healthy diet is widely promoted by physicians, but what place does it take in patients with Alzheimer’s? Apparently, neurons develop inflammation and insulin resistance that breaks an interaction between cells. The process looks a lot like diabetes, and adopting some healthy eating habits, like the Mediterranean diet, may help immensely.

However, the best way to build more neural connections is to learn something new. Reading books, solving riddles, learning to play an instrument all stimulate the production of new bridges between the cells. Physicians also underline the importance of manual work – dealing with tiny details, like knitting, people can train their brains even better.