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American consumerism essay sample


American consumerism is a huge issue which comprises a lot of aspects. One of the most interesting subjects in this respect is to dwell upon the reasons why consumerism has developed to such level in the United States of America.

To begin with, Americans are the society of big spenders. Thus, they need to buy new things even when the old ones are not broken or when they are still working properly. When there is a new car on the market, Americans tend to buy it simply because everyone is going to have a new one. Apart from that, consumerism is the way of showing the social status of a particular family. For instance, it is a must for every middle-class family to have a car or several cars, a house, a big TV and lots of other devices. Speaking about working-class people, it is some sort of aim to be able to afford all these things which have already been listed above. In general, it is important to highlight the fact that American consumerism started developing after the World War II. Want to familiarize yourself with details? Feel free to go to …