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Analysis of Living Like Weasels. Essay sample


‘Living Like Weasels’ is an essay written by Annie Dillard. In it, the author dwells upon her encounter with a weasel. Thus, the author compares the way in which humans and weasels live their lives.

In such a way, Annie Dillard emphasizes the fact that weasels in fact have more freedom than human beings even though weasels have to fight for survival on a daily basis while most humans are privileged to live by choice.

Speaking about the theme of the essay, the idea is that people should follow their dreams and ambitions as well as do more of what they like on a regular basis. Annie Dillard uses a lot of vivid imagery in this essay so that to better portray nature and the encounter he had to the reader. The tone of the story seems to be rather spiritual.

Another vital aspect to highlight is that the author developed a sense of great admiration for the weasels and the way they live their lives after that unusual encounter. As a result of that, Annie Dillard emphasized the necessity for people to be more careless or even a little bit wild.

Taking everything into account, ‘Living Like Weasels’ is an essay which Annie Dillard wrote from personal experience after having an encounter with an actual weasel in the nature. That encounter inspired her to write a story in which she tries to explain why people should be more adventurous when living their lives as well as why it is so important to follow one’s dreams and do what one wants to do at that particular moment.