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Spring hail analysis. Essay sample


To begin with, it is important to specify that ‘Spring hail’ is a poem written Les Murray. Speaking about the plot, the story of a young boy, his pony and the journey they are about to embark on after the storm is dwelt upon in the poem.

What should be highlighted regarding the hidden idea of the poem is that it is actually a recollection of past events even though this aspect may be quite unclear to the readers at first. Speaking about the message of the poem and the way in which it is presented, it is vital to mention that poem serves as an analogy for the journey which every human being takes in order to become mature. In such a way, the boy in this poem is able to finally find his adult voice as a result of the journey which he has embarked on. Even though remaining a child provides one with the feeling of comfort and safety, the time to become an adult has come which presupposes that one needs to leaves the comfort zone. Obviously, the boy is afraid of the unknown which is one of the reasons why he experiences the feeling of unease when leaving that comfort zone that he has been living in for years.

Taking everything into consideration, ‘Spring hail’ by Les Murray dwells upon the young boy’s journey to maturity that is presented in a rather allegorical way in the poem. In such a way, all hurdles and obstacles which one comes across on the road to becoming a mature adult are highlighted in the poem with the help of vivid imagery.