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Anxiety disorders essay sample


In case you have never come across such notion as anxiety disorders in detail, you are not familiar with the fact that there are several types of them. The most common one these days is social anxiety disorder. To put it simply, it presupposes that people are afraid to be in public. They are scared of engaging in social situations in which they are required to talk to other people. The reason why it happens is as follows: people are afraid that others are going to judge them. What is more, they are scared of being humiliated in front of others. Therefore, they refuse to socialize and decide to stay at home merely because it is safer in such a way.

Another type of anxiety disorder is called panic disorder. What it means is that the person starts to experience the sudden fear of terror because some dreadful situation is going to happen. To be more specific, in most cases this situation is scary only for that particular person. What is more, there is a very huge chance that this scenario is not going to realize in such a way. However, the person starts panicking. Read more here …