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Personality disorders essay sample


As you have already understood, personality disorders are mental illnesses. The cause of any personality disorder is unknown. In case you are interested in the symptoms or signs, there are many and they may differ depending on a particular type of personality disorder.

One of the most common ones is called borderline personality disorder. When a person is suffering from it, it presupposes that they experience the feeling of abandonment or fear quite a lot. What is more, such person also lacks the feeling of self. Schizotypal disorder means that symptoms are similar to those which are observed in schizophrenia. Another type is narcissistic personality disorder and its meaning is quite clear. Perhaps, you have met a lot of people who tend to show signs of this disorder. These are usually those people who have a huge sense of self-importance. As a result, they have the constant need to be admired by other people. There are lots of other types of personality disorders. If you want to find out more about them, do not hesitate to go to …