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Battered husbands essay sample


What is interesting is that we tend to think of women when we hear such word as ‘battered’. Even though women are usually the victims of domestic violence, it is necessary to highlight the fact that men are quite often abused as well.

The most common ways of abusing men include verbal abuse, belittling as well as humiliation in front of family and friends. What is more, a lot of women tend to accuse their boyfriends and husbands of being unfaithful on numerous occasions.  When a woman acts in a possessive way and does not allow her partner to do anything or to go anywhere without her, it is also viewed as the form of abuse. Abusive women try to control every aspect of a man’s life. It is also possible to take away their keys or something of that kind.

Here are the main reasons why men decide not to leave. The first one is that they want to save their marriage as well as to stay because of their children. In addition, they feel ashamed and cannot tell anyone that they experience abuse. If you are willing to read more regarding the subject in question, feel free to go to …