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Wrongful convictions essay sample


Wrongful convictions is one of the biggest problems in today’s justice system. That is one of the reasons why capital punishment should no longer be an option. The thing is that a person may be sentenced to death penalty even when they are not guilty of a particular crime. As a result, an innocent person may die because someone has made a mistake.

Apart from that, it is possible to submit false evidence which may lead to the conclusion that the defendant is guilty. That is another example of a situation when the person is found guilty even though they had nothing to do with the crime. There is no doubt that corruption should definitely be mentioned when the issue in question is wrongful conviction. As you have already understood, the prosecutor’s office as well as the whole justice system tends to be famous for corruption cases. Therefore, some people are framed. In such a way, those people who are really guilty will be able to get away with murder. Familiarize yourself with examples of wrongful convictions here …