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Batterer typology essay sample


In case you have not started researching the issue of batterer typology, you will learn that there are three main types of male batterers. There are batterers who abuse only their family; borderline batterers and generally violent or even antisocial types. What it necessary to highlight in this respect is that a lot of aspects are taken into consideration in order to define what type of a batterer a particular person is. Among those aspects are: the severity of violence, its frequency as well as personality disorders a person may suffer from.

It is obvious that each type of batterer is different from the other one. The reason why it is important to determine what type your partner is that it may help you deal with him. Apart from that, this information will also be useful in case a batterer decides to seek help. Surely, they tend not to do that. Yet, there are exceptions when they person realizes how much harm and unhappiness they cause to the ones they love. Do not hesitate to read more on this issue at …