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Exchange theory essay sample


What social exchange theory presupposes is that our social behavior is the result of the exchange process. Therefore, the purpose of such exchange is to try and maximize benefits as well as to minimize costs.

To be more specific, the person is likely to weigh the benefits and costs of a social relationship. In case the risks of such relationship outweigh the advantages, the person is most definitely going to abandon the relationship with a person. Among the most common costs are such negative aspects as the need to put a lot of effort into the relationship, as well as the necessity to put time and money.

Speaking about benefits, they include companionship, having fun as well as social support. What is necessary to highlight is that people tend to determine how much the relationship is worth by taking into account its benefits and costs. In such a way, we can differentiate between positive relationships in which benefits outweigh the costs and negative relationships in which everything is vice versa. Find out more at …