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Bullies essay sample


Unfortunately, the problem with bullies still exists. What is important to keep in mind that being bullied constantly is one of those reasons why the victims drop out of school, do not feel like socializing with their peers or even tend to have mental disorders. The thing is that being bullied at school leads to anxiety issues as well as depression.

Apart from that, it is necessary to mention that bullying someone has some negative influence on the bullies themselves. Such children tend to have problems with law starting from high school. What is more, they are more likely to get into fights, to vandalize property as well as to drop out of school. Criminal convictions become a common thing.

Surely, it is necessary to highlight the fact that a lot of bullies have alcohol or drug addiction. Another issue which is of great importance in this respect is that bullies usually show signs of abusive behavior towards their romantic partners. If you are willing to learn more about the effect of bullying, familiarize yourself with all available information here …