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Distance learning essay sample


As you have already understood, the most important question regarding the subject of distance learning is whether it is really effective. Well, there are lots of reasons why it will be advantageous to try distance learning.

To begin with, the first benefit is that you have the luxury of studying at home. Surely, it is of major importance for those students who cannot go to another country so that to study there. Yet, this problem is solved with the help of distance learning and the internet connection. Another benefit is that there is no need to waste time and money on commute to college or university. Less money is also going to be spent on lunches and snacks between the classes. In addition, the ability to study distantly presupposes that the student can make their own schedule and make it as flexible as they need it to be. Surely, this option is very suitable for those students who also work part-time. In order to familiarize yourself with other benefits of distance learning, feel free to visit …