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Can overpopulation be managed? essay sample



Heading towards 10 billion point expected in 2050, ever-increasing world population will likely cause multiple crises. A shortage of natural resources and an excess of waste are capable to dump humanity in a steady recession directly caused by overpopulation. The United Nations reported that most of the global population increase is attributed to several countries only. Among them, China and India remain the most populous with Nigeria approaching them. Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, and Indonesia are on the top of the list as well.


Curbing overpopulation is directly associated with the implementation of development goals. Putting end to poverty and hunger, improving healthcare, and expanding education as well as empowering women will help population gain control over excessive reproduction. Besides 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development introduced by the UN, governments can develop their own policies to prevent overpopulation. Solutions like one-child policy are rather controversial but still effective. Cutting programs for families with multiple children and giving incentives to the elderly is another effective measure. Population aging inevitably awaits all the countries experiencing the decline of births. Governments can also promote family planning and legalize abortions where they are still banned.