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How to stop wasting paper and save trees? essay sample



Despite major concerns about plastic, paper waste is one of the major sources of pollution globally. Paper production is the third most energy-intensive type of manufacturing in the world. Besides, it is responsible for the release of toxic substances such as chlorine, mercury, lead, and phosphorus into the atmosphere. It also turns out that Americans are the biggest paper users in the world. Recycling is energy-consuming as well, and cutting paper consumption is the only effective way to reduce pollution.


It is especially easy to reduce paper consumption in the digital age. At school or work, we can stop printing anything we can download and display on the device. We can also use online media to exchange messages and write memos. With every year, we use less printed books, and that is a positive trend. Expensive as they are, paper books cost even more than we charge. Cutting paper consumption, we shall also think about our household. Reusable mugs can eliminate the use of paper and plastic cups. The same refers to reusable shopping bags that would prevent us from buying paper and plastic bags every time we drop by a store. It is also worth replacing paper towels and napkins with cloth ones.