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Challenges to effective management processes essay sample


A success of a company hugely depends on an effective and properly organized management process. It helps a company achieve their strategic goals as well as keeps employees motivated which has its positive impact on the quality of their work.

However, there are tons of challenges when it comes to the task of organizing a smooth and effective management process within a company. One of the biggest challenges which the majority of managers face is the lack of leadership and management skills. This issue is particularly topical for those companies that are just starting out. As a result, they do not have any experience in the field no matter how much theoretical knowledge they have acquired.

One of the most vital tasks of every manager is to monitor the activity of its employees so that to be able to offer changes or suggestions as soon as something goes wrong or not in accordance with the specified plan. In addition, it is also the task of manager to explain what the employee is doing wrong as well as how they can make it better. Needless to mention that the manager of a team or a project should act like a leader in order to achieve all those goals which have been set. Finding a person who is able to do that is never easy which is the reason why so many startups fail during their first years.

Taking everything into consideration, setting up an effective management process is a company takes a lot of time and effort, to say nothing of the fact that there will definitely be lots of challenges  along the way.