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Marketing plan structure and peculiarities essay sample


A marketing plan is essential for those businesses that are just starting out as it provides them with a clear vision of how they want to influence the market. What is more, a marketing plan also consists of goals which a company sets for itself.

The first part of the marketing plan is called executive summary and it includes key points of the whole plan. This is the first thing which a potential investor will see which is the reason why it is important to properly write and present this section of the plan. The next part highlights general information about a company including the address, phone numbers as well as goals and values. Another section of a marketing plan is a detailed description of a service or product which a company provides. What is necessary to mention in this section is how unique one’s product or service is as well as what differs it from all the others that are already presented on the market. Then, it is also vital to specify the audience which a company is focused on in a marketing plan. The thing is that having such information written down helps a company understand what strategies they are going to use in order to sell their product. What is vital to mention regarding the latter is that tons of companies are trying to sell their goods to everyone which is a huge mistake.

Taking everything into account, a properly written marketing plan does not merely help to find investors so that to develop one’s business. It also helps the business owners to understand what direction they want to move in so that to achieve success.