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Classical criminology


Classical criminology is one of the oldest approaches in this field. Basically, the idea is to explain why people commit crime as well as how to tackle this problem. Even though the approach in the contemporary world tends to be more flexible, classical criminology still plays a very important role.

Speaking about the historical period in which the laws of classical criminology have been developed, it is of great importance to take context into consideration. The thing is that you will be able to take a closer look at the way in which the whole criminology system has developed over the years. Here are some facts which are necessary to keep in mind. At that time Europe was radically changing. Most nations emerged from feudal monarchies. Thus, it means that their criminal systems underwent a lot of changes. Before the process of reforming laws, they were rather inconsistent. Thus, the same situation could be solved differently. In case you are interested in the subject in question and want to read more, do not hesitate to proceed to …