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Convict criminology essay sample


What is necessary to highlight is that convict criminology is considered to be a controversial perspective. Apart from that, it is also relatively new. The whole point is to provide an alternative view regarding the issue under consideration.

The thing is that the prison is viewed in an absolutely different way by ex-convicts but their point is usually not taken into consideration. A lot of literature regarding convict criminology reflects the views of administrators or university academics. As you have already understood, it is impossible to get a clear picture unless you take a look at the problem from different points of view.

Surely, researching such issue as convict criminology is going to take a lot of time as you will need to look through a huge amount of various materials. In case you are not certain whether you are able to do that at the moment, do not hesitate to take a look at available materials as well as appropriate examples regarding the topic of convict criminology at …