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Compare and contrast Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome essay sample


Both ancient Greece and ancient Rome were Mediterranean states that had a rich history, a favorable location and a lot of land to grow products and sell them later on. Thus, these states had both similarities and differences.

The first aspect to mention regarding the issue in question is the field of art. Even though both states demonstrated how talented their residents were, the art of ancient Greece is commonly viewed as superior to the art produced in ancient Rome. The thing is that Roman art tended to be rather imitative in nature. That is the reason why there were so many art objects which were merely the copies of already existing Greek art originals. Speaking about sculpture, the main aim of a Greek sculptor was to find an ideal art form and never to stop until they reach this goal. The aim of the Roman sculptor was merely to produce realistic results when showing their sculpture to others. For this reason, Roman sculpture was often used for decoration. Greek art, in its turn, was even divided into several different periods, such as: Classical, archaic, Mycenaean, Hellenistic and geometric.

Speaking about the field of economy, it was based on agriculture in both states. The difference was that the Greeks considered trading to be degrading while the Romans actively engaged in the process.

All in all, ancient Greece and ancient Rome had differences and similarities. They were both located in Europe and had great climate to grow and produce olives and wine which positively influenced the field of agriculture and the economy in general. The most important aspect to highlight is that both states had a huge impact on the course of history.