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Nelson Mandela: from imprisoned to president essay sample


Nelson Mandela is famous for becoming the first black president of South Africa as well as for his countless efforts to end the apartheid regime in the country which he successfully managed to do in the early 1990s.

Nelson Mandela joined African National Congress which signified the beginning of his political career. It was a black liberation group and he soon became the Youth League leader. Then, Nelson Mandela managed to establish the first black law practice. It happened in 1952 in Johannesburg. The practice mostly focused on cases that were the result of the post-1948 apartheid legislation.

Another vital fact to mention regarding the persona of Nelson Mandela is that he also took active part in the campaign of defiance against South Africa’s pass laws. The thing is that non-white South Africans were required to carry their passes with them all the time when they wanted to enter the areas which were restricted by the government.

Apart from that, Mandela was also one of the authors of the Freedom Charter that was focused on nonracial social democracy. Taking into account the antiapartheid activism, it is quite clear why Nelson Mandela was the target for authorities on numerous occasions. What is more, Mandela actively advocated for the acts of sabotage against the South African regime that took place at that time.

Taking everything into account, Nelson Mandela was one of the heroes of South Africa as well as one of the most prominent politicians not only in South Africa, but also in the whole world. His contribution to the process of ending the apartheid regime in South Africa is immense.