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Computer forensics essay sample


IT forensics is another term for computer forensics. When you are dealing with such issue, the first thing is obviously to try and understand what it is all about. To begin with, computer forensics presupposes that digital data will be collected, analyzed and reported. In case the evidence is stored digitally, it is possible to use computer forensics in order to solve the crime or to prevent it.

Computer forensics is quite often used in order to deal with such cases as: fraud investigations, intellectual property theft, bankruptcy investigations, employment disputes, inappropriate internet use during working hours, forgeries and some other examples. What is important to understand in this respect is that a computer can be viewed as ‘the scene of a crime’, especially when the issue in question is hacking or server attacks. Apart from that, a lot of sensitive information may be found in emails, internet history and documents. The metadata which are associated with these files turn out to be of great interest as well. Willing to learn more? Do not hesitate to visit …