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Cultural revolutions throughout history essay sample

Cultural revolutions essay sample

Every society is a dynamic formation. All peoples change something within their culture and social organization as they develop. Sometimes these changes are rash and unexpected. An especially vivid example of cultural revolution happened in China as Mao Zedong strove to reassert his authority over Chinese government. The positions of the Communist leader weakened after the economic crisis stroke the country. Zedong believed that current Chinese Communist Party misled the country. He tried to clear China off the revolutionist impact. In August 1966, he shut down schools nationwide in an attempt to mobilize students. Youth formed groups called Red Guards who strongly supported Maoist values.


The cultural revolution came to an end in 1976 when Mao died.  Education was revived and numerous officials were restored to power. In the course of the revolution, 1.5 million of people were killed. Millions of others were tortured, imprisoned, or had their property confiscated. The revolution has undermined China for the next decades, with its party system and social sphere. These were the effects Mao had not wanted, but by the moment of his death, the situation in the country was heavily destabilized.