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How pop culture trends influence youth? essay sample

POP culture  essay sample

Pop-culture is a timeless notion. It happens in every moment of the history and influences people who enjoy mass values. It is not only about youth: adults also get affected by popular culture if they stay in touch with the current trends and monitor what’s new. Older generations are adherents to popular culture of their own youth so that they are least likely to follow new trends.


By popular culture, we mean everything that happens in the media, arts, sports, society, or entertainment. Today, online media have become a potent transmitter of popular culture to young people who use them most. Social activities are arranged on Facebook where people can discover them. TV shows and movies are discussed and popularized online too. People who actively use social media are very likely to follow popular culture as news and updates are displayed in their newsfeed. There is no doubt that popular culture changes generations. Both youngsters and adults are likely to adopt features popular among their peers, and pop culture is the largest source of such features.