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Cyber-bullying and college suicide essay sample

Cyber-bullying and college suicide

Cyber-bullying is characterized by inappropriate comments or threats on the internet. Thus, cyber-bulling is the continuation of bullying but it happens online. What it presupposes is that the victim cannot feel comfortable even on the internet as they are constantly ridiculed.

Lots of findings regarding the notion of suicide suggest that cyber-bulling is one of the reasons why some kids decide to kill themselves. They obviously do not know how to fight bullying or are too afraid to talk to anyone about it which quite often includes their parents as well. So, the main reason why a lot of students do not talk about bullying is because of the fact that they may be threatened. As a result, they do not want to get in trouble.

What is important to remember is that it is always necessary to report those people who bully. A student may tell about the incidents either their parents or school officials. The reason why it should be done is that it is the best way to solve this problem. People are less likely to bully when they are aware of possible consequences. Take a look at some other materials on this topic here …